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  • Marl Stone
    Sep 13, 2011
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      FYI, I may have a number of fairly new people interested in trying out being a Constable. As Baron, I have charged my Brute Squad to become Marshals and Constables to the level immediately above "in training", in that they get to the level where they are trusted and know, in general to do the job of a Constable. As they come to events, I'll likely be sending them to help at Gate and in other ways after they've helped out in the Baronial encampment.

      I'm pretty sure I can count on you to welcome them and to show them the ropes. At least one of them is a Senior Constable (and thus is ahead of the game), but many of the others are very new.

      When I run into Francisco, I'll talk with him more about my ideas. If any of you see me at an event (or would like to ask me questions here), please don't hesitate to ask me what ever is on your mind.

      Seamus, Baron of Rivenoak
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