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2203Rivenoak's Championship Tourney and Help at Gate

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  • Rivenoak Constable
    Sep 2, 2011
      Greetings Everybody,

      As many of you know, starting September 9 in the riverside town of Twain,
      Rivenoak is expanding it's already fun and exciting Championship Tourney
      from a one day "Tourney In The Park" to an incredible 3 DAY TOURNEY-PALOOZA!

      This means that I find myself in need of some helpful volunteers to sit gate
      in two hour stretches starting on Friday afternoon through Saturday morning.
      As an added incentive, we will be setting up gate INSIDE a small Sheriff's
      Office so we will have warmth and protection from the weather (plus a
      working jail cell for miscreants).

      I know that there is a lot of events going on in our fair Kingdom these next
      few weeks but this promises to be a fantastic, low key (Loki!?) event to
      have a lot of fun at.

      See you all there and please consider spending some time helping with gate,


      Constable of Rivenoak

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