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2196Question about Gate Sign In at a Demo

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  • Robin Of Silverwood
    Aug 3, 2011
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      Just a question to clarify my understanding. In general, I have not seen sign in sheets & waivers at Demos. Last year when Southern Shores combined Warlords (SCA Event) with the Santa Clara County Fair Demo, I presented a "mobile gate" bringing my clipboard around to the SCA attendees for sign-in (there was no gate fee). Sheets for Fair attendees coming by our section was limited to those wanting to be on a list to get more information about the SCA and the Province of Southern Shores.

      This year, Warlords is not combined with the Demo. It is Demo / Fighter-Practice-as-Demo only (again, no site fee). I am assuming I'll do something like I did last year (although I can only be present for Saturday as I have to work during the Sunday "Fighter-Practice-as-Demo" portion).

      Given the new show card & tally section.... and given that this is a demo where fair goers may wish to participate in a bout of foam weapons combat but otherwise just be observers:
      1. Should I be collecting sign-ins / tally as present all SCA participants to submit to the Kingdom?
      2. What about waivers for foam-weapons participants (if non-SCA members)?
      3. Given the "Fighter-Practice-as-Demo" part for Sunday, is it necessary for a Constable to be present at a "demo"?

      Robin of Silverwood
      Constable, Province of Southern Shores

      Cc: Cynthia de Mithamroad, Santa Clara County Fair Demonstration Autocrat
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