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2081Deputy For Kingdom Constable

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  • sven g
    Apr 19, 2010
      Greetings All Constable of the West Kingdom,
      As of right now I still have no Deputy. I am taking applications for Deputy and Hope to find my replacement as I am to step down at Twelfth night. Applicants should be active constable and should have held at least a Local group Constables position. Membership is required and while you do not have to CiC all the Kingdom events, you should be able to get to all of them just in case Your CinC is unable to make it due to mundane life. All Applicants will be considered and their resume passed on the other Kingdom Officers for consideration.
      Please send you application to me directly (not to this list) at Sven_gotfriedson@...

      Sven Gotfriedson
      West Kingdom High Constable