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2054Re: [West Constables] Re: Fire Rules for Woodland Fairgrounds

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  • greg Williams
    Mar 2 1:57 PM
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      I believe I remember reading on SCA-West a month or so back that Flieg
      commented that "there is not now, nor ever was, a minimum height requirement
      in the Kingdom". I've always know it to be site specific hence the question
      regarding Woodland specifically. Thanks to everybody responding and
      catching me up on the current rules and practices.


      On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 8:24 AM, John LaTorre <jlatorre@...> wrote:

      > Sven wrote:
      > > no such thing as an 18in rule
      > One small clarification here. In some places, there is an "18 inch rule"
      > but it's not our rule. Rancho Seco required a height of 18" off the
      > ground, and I think that there was at least one other place as well (not
      > enough coffee to access the secondary memory banks). Can anybody
      > refresh my memory on this?
      > --Johann von Drachenfels

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