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2048Re: [West Constables] Fire Rules for Woodland Fairgrounds

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  • sven gotfriedson
    Mar 1, 2010
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      As the rules sit now,
      1) fire pits need to be off the ground so as not to char the ground under it, (no such thing as an 18in rule) There must be fire suppression (i.e. Water is fine for wood or charcoal fires but fire extinguishers are required for presto, Dura flame or any other pressed paraffin logs.) Please note that the CiC or fire walk constables judgment on if the fire pit is safe is always respected. If you see a fire pit that is obviously defective and a threat to safety, then by all means shut it down. If they give you any flack refer to the CiC or a senior or higher rank constable. Please do not start a fight.  It can be resolved in a equitable manner and you don't have to take the heat ( no pun intended) that's our job as Principality or Kingdom Level.
      Oil tekki torches are still outlawed but obviously the propane (individual or big tank) are fine as long as they are securely mounted and not just stuck in the ground.(side note, there are some smaller groups that like the look of the tekki torches and as long as there is no oil in the reservoirs that's fine. but if they are lit then they will be put out and confiscated until the end of the event.)
      Fire dancers: this is a very touchy subject.  I have allowed dances in the past for entertainment reasons, but with the follow criteria. 1) the dancer can not be drinking alcohol for intoxication reasons. 2) They must demonstrate that they can handle the equipment and that equipment is in good working order. I.E. no broken parts so as to have a fire pot fly off the chain. 3) There must be a responsible person with a fire extinguishers standing by for emergencies.
      I hope these have answered your question and I encouage other senior constable to give their input on the subject.
      For further information or questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
      Sven Gotfriedson
      Kingdom Constable

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      Subject: [West Constables] Fire Rules for Woodland Fairgrounds

      I've had a couple people ask me and I don't know. Plus, I have a new
      firepit and would like to be "legal".



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