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1705RE: [West Constables] Current warrants

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  • Kim Gallagher
    Apr 7, 2008
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      You will be getting mine anytime now, I filled it out with all the proper
      attachments and turned it in this weekend.

      Thank you,



      From: wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com [mailto:wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com]
      On Behalf Of Daniel Wagner
      Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2008 10:17 PM
      To: wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [West Constables] Current warrants

      Just to repeat:

      Daniel Wagner <wulfstand@sbcglobal <mailto:wulfstand%40sbcglobal.net> .net>
      wrote: . Indeed, we are waiting for a list from the Lady Exchequer of her
      staff that cashbox, but you don't need to wait for that. Nor does anyone I
      listed here as warranted. In other words- the below folks are OK, but we
      have more we expect to list.

      The below are warranted unless you see "Need to submit...." in which case
      see the end.
      I now have warrants for:
      > Macha ni Fheaighus (sp?) s
      > Angus McStagger (Mists Constable)
      > Danae FitzRoberts called Hobbit
      > Achmed the Wanderer
      > Johann von Drachenfels
      > Susannah of Ely
      > Volker
      > Maghnus
      > Edric
      > Abu S.Malik etc <g>
      > >
      > I have got info but not the actual warrant (which may be on file)
      > The Momstable & Jared.
      > Becca
      > I have confirmed that
      > Gwyn ,Flieg & Bethia are warranted .
      > Ginni Morgan wrote: Current list of warranted Deputy
      Exchequer/Cashiers for gate duty:
      > Local Group SCA Name Mundane Name
      > Mists Letitia de Scotia Valerie Frazier
      > Mists Felicia Margerye Amondesham Amy Margaret Bodine
      > Mists Sarra Peller Sharon Kidder
      > Mists Kristin Eriksdottir Kristin Tripp
      > Mists Willeam Grenetrewis Paul Warnock
      > Marches Kyla Silvertongue Lori Metheny
      > Cynagua Ivan Ivanovitch Serebrenikov Sean Karp
      > Cynagua Brumhilde Hildebrand Deborah P. Fowler
      > The following people need to submit the requested supporting
      > Local Group SCA Name Mundane Name
      > Cynagua Rosalin Costa Melisa White
      > Cynagua Brendan Cullain Brian Fancher
      > Mists ? Alicia Rutherford

      Some may still need to get all their paperwork in. So, if you are listed
      above as "need to submit the supporting docs" then you are provisionally
      warranted, but don;t go being all in charge by yourself until you get an OK
      from me or Ginni.

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