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1698Re: [West Constables] La Prova Dura Gate help

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  • Ginni Morgan
    Apr 4 9:54 AM
      I can work Friday evening, but not late as I will have been up since 5am or earlier. Even exchequers can make mistakes under those circumstances. If you can get someone from earlier in the evening to trade for a late night shift, I'd be happy to help out around dinnertime or early evening.

      Kingdom Exchequer

      >>> Mark Smith <maghnusghabhann@...> 4/4/08 6:53 AM >>>
      I have most of gate handled at this point in time but I do need some
      volunteers for fill in times for La Prova Dura. I need a few people
      who are planning on attending this event to give me an hour or two
      here or there. We do have a schedule and if you want to help I'll send
      you an invite to participate in the schedule. I relay need a couple of
      cash constables in particular for Friday Late eave as I will be
      fighting the next day and could use a few hours of sleep if possible.

      Thank yous in advance to those that can help me.

      Maghnus mac an Ghabhann

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