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  • Daniel Wagner
    Jan 7, 2008
      I am quite a bit different than others on Awards. First, I like to put my staff in for them, but that's not unusual. However, there is no need at all to be diffident or shy with me, in fact PLEASE DO NOT BE. If you think you deserve an award just send me an email OFFLIST with your SCA resume/list of events worked. If you know anyone else deserving, either twist their arm to send me their resume etc, or send me what you know.

      In fact, even if you aren't sure you are deserving, just send me the resume anyway.

      Make sure we have all common versions of their SCA name, and any very recent awards (Master Hirsch does an excellent job of keeping the awards list, but awards only a month or so old sometimes haven't made it there yet). A reminder of who you are (a description, when we worked together, etc) will help me a lot. I remember people and their work pretty well, but I have a very poor memory for names.

      This is just for *me*, Wulfy. Some folks don't like their staff to drop hints or mention they haven't got such and such award. And that's fine- for them. But I am sometimes absent minded, can't remember names worth a darn, and am not in the slightest bit shy. So, please- help me do MY job better and get those names, etc and resumes to me.

      Also-Their Royal Majesties have specifically asked for recommendations, note.

      Baron Wulfstan Darroldson, OP
      High Constable, KoW

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