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1492Re: [West Constables] What is happening from now on...............

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  • Adam
    May 9, 2007
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      If you need anyhting email me, and if you don't have my number anymore ill
      send it off list.


      On 5/8/07, Susan Burch-Williamson <lady_bethia@...> wrote:
      > OH my god! I am glad your ok.
      > Is there anything we can do to help?
      > Bethia and Ivan
      > Christinialynne Hunter <christiniahunter@...<christiniahunter%40yahoo.com>>
      > wrote:
      > I dont know who has heard, and who has not heard. The Pink Fuzzy
      > Whip can not, and will not be able to finish out the rest of the
      > year.
      > Yesterday, sunday, on our way home from cloverdale, Liz and I had to
      > abbandon our truck, The Big white one that goes to every event with
      > us, along wiht all of our camping gear. The whole thing was covered
      > in flames, and I'm sorry to say, with our belongings in it. The
      > truck is gog with all of the ship's gear. The party at june will no
      > longer be planned, along wiht the rest of the season. I'm sorry,
      > but we just can't afford it at the moment. Liz and I are well,
      > except for the fact that everything that was great importance to us
      > is destroyed. We hope to be active again next year, but we are not
      > sure. We will miss all of you, and hope to see you out side of the
      > SCA.
      > With a heavy heart,
      > Capt. Amabel L. Urbana
      > Pink Fuzzy Whip
      > PS............. The whip survived.
      > What do you mean rice can't be plaid? And no my food is not molesting you,
      > it's just friendly.
      > In Service
      > Lady Bethia
      > ---------------------------------
      > Get your own web address.
      > Have a HUGE year through Yahoo! Small Business.
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