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1490What is happening from now on...............

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  • Christinialynne Hunter
    May 7, 2007
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      I dont know who has heard, and who has not heard. The Pink Fuzzy
      Whip can not, and will not be able to finish out the rest of the

      Yesterday, sunday, on our way home from cloverdale, Liz and I had to
      abbandon our truck, The Big white one that goes to every event with
      us, along wiht all of our camping gear. The whole thing was covered
      in flames, and I'm sorry to say, with our belongings in it. The
      truck is gog with all of the ship's gear. The party at june will no
      longer be planned, along wiht the rest of the season. I'm sorry,
      but we just can't afford it at the moment. Liz and I are well,
      except for the fact that everything that was great importance to us
      is destroyed. We hope to be active again next year, but we are not
      sure. We will miss all of you, and hope to see you out side of the

      With a heavy heart,
      Capt. Amabel L. Urbana
      Pink Fuzzy Whip

      PS............. The whip survived.
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