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1437Boss' T Day greeting and business

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  • Susan Burch-Williamson
    Nov 21, 2006
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      Happy Turkey day to all my constables. Have a great weekend.

      And who will be at 12th Night?
      I would like a couple of people there early to hang out at the two doors that lead in from the off sides. We want all SCAers to come in thru one entrance to sign in and pay. After that they can go in and out as they like so we will be checking tickets and or tokens at these side doors. We will only need to cover them the first couple of hours until the main herd has passed thru.

      Christophe dAvignon <christophe@...> wrote:
      --- In wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com, christinialynne bonilla
      <christiniahunter@...> wrote:
      > I will be three, i dont know when, probably late, so ill do late
      night gate if you need me too.
      > Capt. A.L.U
      > Pink Fuzzy Whip
      > The MOMstable <the_momstable@...> wrote:
      > Not this time, sorry. It's Yom Kippur this weekend, so I'm
      > The Momstable

      OK, I was checking the group on the website and the way Yahoo
      abbreviates things on the main group page, the way the line breaks
      were in the "quick view", part of the above read as:

      Capt. A.L.U. Pink Fuzzy
      Whip The MOMstable

      Just thought others could use a chuckle, too, the second line being
      the amusing one.

      Have much turkey,

      What do you mean rice can't be plaid? And no my food is not molesting you, it's just friendly.

      In Service
      Lady Bethia

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