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1387Re: [West Constables] Fire Pit Regs

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  • Susan Burch-Williamson
    May 31, 2006
      We were enforcing 18" when we were in drought conditions back in the mid 90's.
      But the rules n ever were changed on the offical regs.

      "Willeam (Aros) Grenetrewis" <arosofthegreenpants@...> wrote:
      Greetings! From what I understand, the only requirement is that it be "raised" off the ground, and that grass, weeds, brush, what have you, be beaten down under the pit. I think there is only one sight that we use that has its own requirement of fire pits being 18" off the ground. Bethia, can you elaborate on this?


      Willeam "Aros" Grenetrewis

      Sven_gotfriedson@... wrote: Greetings all,
      I have a question on fire pit height. I am ashamed to say this but, I had actually never read thru the fire pit reg's. I mean I know the the safety rules that we enforce but it was brought to my attention that the part about the pit having to be 18" off the ground is not mention in our handbook or on the West kingdom web-site. I had just always assumed that the regulation was there. I mean it has been beaten in to my brain since I started training to be a constable in the west. Where did the 18" rule come from and why is it not in the handbook. Is it more of a suggestion or is it really a requirement?


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