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1382Re: [West Constables] Fire Pit Regs

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  • Baccus Kaloethes
    May 31, 2006
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      I've had several light weight run ins with welling
      meaning uninformed folk insisting to others that the
      18" rule was in fact regulations. First off, the fire
      policy is a policy not a regulation nor a rule...it
      only says no ground fires.

      I agree with Christophe, we need to let this one die a
      timely death and go quietly into the archives of
      urbane legends....


      --- Sven_gotfriedson@... wrote:

      > Greetings all,
      > I have a question on fire pit height. I am ashamed
      > to say this but, I had actually never read thru the
      > fire pit reg's. I mean I know the the safety rules
      > that we enforce but it was brought to my attention
      > that the part about the pit having to be 18" off the
      > ground is not mention in our handbook or on the West
      > kingdom web-site. I had just always assumed that
      > the regulation was there. I mean it has been beaten
      > in to my brain since I started training to be a
      > constable in the west. Where did the 18" rule come
      > from and why is it not in the handbook. Is it more
      > of a suggestion or is it really a requirement?
      > Sven
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