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1209Re: [West Constables] To troll or not to troll

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  • Reverend Chewbacca
    Nov 8, 2005
      Outside comments more than welcome!

      Actually, I think we have a slight bit of inter-kingdom
      miscommunication here. In Atenvelt (and elsewhere), from what you're
      saying, the taking of money and signing people in at events is a task
      that falls under the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Here in The West, it
      falls under the Constabulary. Hence the confusion. The only time any
      part of our Constabulary has been referred to as "Troll" is when
      sitting at the gate collecting money. To my knowledge, the term has
      never been used in reference to those doing fire walk or any other
      safety duties.

      Oh, and I'm hoping to make it to your little shindig in February.
      Depends on how much OT I work mundanely over the next couple of
      months. Oh, and how overboard I go with that OT money in shopping for
      x-mas/12th night gifts. Oh, and can't forget Hannukah, right Na'arah?


      --- In wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com, atensheriff@a... wrote:
      > If you don't mind an opinion from the outside,
      > 'Troll' is the general term here for the reeve/exchequer collecting
      the site
      > fees.
      > I is not a practice to use the term for security.
      > 'Gate' or 'Gatekeeper' is the sheriff on duty.
      > That aside, for me, 'Troll' as a job or title by doesn't have any
      > negative connotation in the SCA.
      > BTW Anyone up for fun and games in February? We are having a little
      > get together then. Y'all are welcome to come and work.
      > yehudah
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