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1208RE: [West Constables] To troll or not to troll

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  • Iohannes Kynith
    Nov 8, 2005
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      I'm not part of the West. I live in the Outlands but am originally from An
      Tir. In the Outlands, they've been calling it troll for as long as I can
      remember. Since my wife and I started autocrating 2 years ago we've always
      referred to it as "gate". We'll, I'm happy to say that now we will here
      gate 50% of the time. My wife hates being called a troll. :)


      In Service to the Dream
      Iohannes Kynith
      [In Submission] Per saltire sable and gules a wolf sejant head erect and in
      canton a sun Or. Constable for the Barony of Caerthe
      Or, a flanged mace bendwise vert and a bordure embattled sable.


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      Reverend Chewbacca wrote:

      >Ok, it's come up on the West list, so I thought I'd put it to the
      >constabulary. This is a sort of informal poll.
      >Do you find calling the gate, or even the constable sitting at gate,
      >"Troll" or "the Troll-booth" offensive?
      >No opinion
      >Not offensive at all
      >Mildly offensive
      >Moderately offensive
      >Seriously offensive
      >Feel free to email me privately with your opinion, or we can discuss
      >it on-list. Your choice.
      >My opinion (and this isn't meant to be leading, just to start the
      >discussion), I've thought of it as a cute pun since I first heard it
      >at my first or second event. I've never thought of it as offensive at
      >all, and never understood why it gets some people so upset.
      >My two centimes,
      Being a errr,,, hmmmm,,, "stick jock", I wouldn't pummel anyone that
      called me a troll..
      (if you've ever seen me early arisen before coffee is ready, I'm VERY

      But I personally don't care for it. (being called a troll while doing
      constable stuff)....
      But it doesn't really bug me...

      Sir Trelaine

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