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1204Re: [West Constables] To troll or not to troll

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  • John Groseclose
    Nov 8, 2005
      At 10:05 AM -0500 11/8/05, atensheriff@... wrote:
      If you don't mind an opinion from the outside,

      'Troll' is the general term here for the reeve/exchequer collecting the site
      I is not a practice to use the term for security.

      'Gate' or 'Gatekeeper' is the sheriff on duty.

      That aside, for me, 'Troll' as a job or title by doesn't have any inherent
      negative connotation in the SCA.

      BTW Anyone up for fun and games in February? We are having a little
      get together then. Y'all are welcome to come and work.


      Personally, I dislike the terms "troll," "eric," and "feastocrat,"
      and would much rather hear "toller," "tourney field," and "steward,"
      all of which are perfectly period terms...

      I also get twitchy when I hear people referring to children as
      underwear (smalls/smallclothes.)

      Spam Delenda Est
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