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1196To troll or not to troll

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  • Reverend Chewbacca
    Nov 7, 2005
      Ok, it's come up on the West list, so I thought I'd put it to the
      constabulary. This is a sort of informal poll.

      Do you find calling the gate, or even the constable sitting at gate,
      "Troll" or "the Troll-booth" offensive?

      No opinion
      Not offensive at all
      Mildly offensive
      Moderately offensive
      Seriously offensive

      Feel free to email me privately with your opinion, or we can discuss
      it on-list. Your choice.

      My opinion (and this isn't meant to be leading, just to start the
      discussion), I've thought of it as a cute pun since I first heard it
      at my first or second event. I've never thought of it as offensive at
      all, and never understood why it gets some people so upset.

      My two centimes,
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