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1019RE: [West Constables] Constables

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  • Dan Wagner
    Jun 13, 2005
      Yes, and so have I- but not as a "constable". Just as a "concerned citizen"
      if you see my point.

      Dunno Wulfy..
      more than once as a CIC, I've had to deal with things that have
      surpassed the term "security guard"

      Once with drunk mundanes with a loaded firearm at a interkingdom
      war....(got the weapon away from the mundane and held it till police got
      Mundanes breaking into cars in the parking lot..
      and at least three times I've had to deal with drunken combatants..which
      on two occassions I had to protect my own physical self..
      (all of whom were SCA participants).

      So I suggest that on rare occassions, yes, we are called upon to be
      "security guards" or more.

      Sir Trelaine

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