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  • livinghistorysociety
    Dec 20, 2004
      I put some pics of a few of the things I do in the members section.
      Hope everyone enjoys!

      --- In wisconsinlivinghistorysociety@yahoogroups.com, "Lloyd Clark"
      <joustwarrior@y...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > In yet another attempt to get things moving on this board, I would
      > like to ask all members to come to the Wisconsin Living History
      > yahoo group and post a picture (or a few) of themselves in the
      > Members Folder.
      > Please post your favorite pic of yourself, your group, your
      > etc. during a living history outing, a day at the faire, getting
      > drunk on State Street - or whatever.
      > I would also like everyone to again come to the board and post a
      > quick bio about themselves, what periods of reenacting that they
      > enjoy, what the groups that they are involved with are doing, just
      > to see if we can hook people up with like interested people.
      > To that end, anyone interested in learning to joust or in
      > swordsmanship, please contact me as I was recently granted a Schola
      > St. George study group in Beaver Dam and will be proceeding with
      > classical study of the sword and other western martial art forms
      > over the winter and will begin to train those interested in
      > to compete in equestrian games and jousting in the Spring.
      > I am a Level 4 Instructor grade jouster in the International
      > Jousting Association (www.worldjousting.com), one of only 2 in
      > America.
      > Also, we have our nonprofit - The Historic Camelot Project, Inc.
      > (www.historiccamelot.org) that is always looking for reenactors to
      > help us put on our educational presentations.
      > And, last but not least, our Joust Company - The King's Champions
      > (www.kingschampions.com) is always looking for ground crew, stable
      > hands, and (drumroll please)- A MOUNTED MC! for the coming joust
      > season.
      > Okay, that's enough for me, the ball is in your court!
      > Cheers,
      > Lloyd Clark
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