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  • Lloyd Clark
    Dec 4, 2004
      Hi All,

      In yet another attempt to get things moving on this board, I would
      like to ask all members to come to the Wisconsin Living History
      yahoo group and post a picture (or a few) of themselves in the
      Members Folder.

      Please post your favorite pic of yourself, your group, your friends,
      etc. during a living history outing, a day at the faire, getting
      drunk on State Street - or whatever.

      I would also like everyone to again come to the board and post a
      quick bio about themselves, what periods of reenacting that they
      enjoy, what the groups that they are involved with are doing, just
      to see if we can hook people up with like interested people.

      To that end, anyone interested in learning to joust or in historical
      swordsmanship, please contact me as I was recently granted a Schola
      St. George study group in Beaver Dam and will be proceeding with the
      classical study of the sword and other western martial art forms
      over the winter and will begin to train those interested in learning
      to compete in equestrian games and jousting in the Spring.

      I am a Level 4 Instructor grade jouster in the International
      Jousting Association (www.worldjousting.com), one of only 2 in North

      Also, we have our nonprofit - The Historic Camelot Project, Inc.
      (www.historiccamelot.org) that is always looking for reenactors to
      help us put on our educational presentations.

      And, last but not least, our Joust Company - The King's Champions
      (www.kingschampions.com) is always looking for ground crew, stable
      hands, and (drumroll please)- A MOUNTED MC! for the coming joust

      Okay, that's enough for me, the ball is in your court!


      Lloyd Clark
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