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70Post a Message On Your LH Activities

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  • Lloyd Clark
    Sep 3, 2004
      Hi All,

      When I joined this group, I felt that we had a chance to link the
      various living history groups in Wisconsin (and the Midwest) together
      by providing updates on upcoming LH activities and posts on what
      recent LH events that you had participated in.

      Well, no one is posting.

      We haven't had any new members.

      And if this board is to be believed, there is a complete lack of LH
      activities in Wisconsin.

      I am not ready to give up on the board just yet. I ask all of you to
      come back to the board, give a quick update on what you have been up
      to (LH wise), give links to boards that your LH group may have, and
      basically utilize this board for what it was developed for.

      If you are in a LH group, encourage you fellow members to join, and
      make a point of of trying to get 5 new members.

      Break a Lance,