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62Re: Historic Periods

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  • livinghistorysociety
    Feb 20, 2004
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      I'm Timothy Vick. I work at an ISP and the largest Rural Living
      History Museum in the US.
      I'm the founding member of the Living History Society, member of the
      Legio XIV Roman reenactment group, member of the 5th Special Forces
      Group Vietnam reenactors, One of the very few members of the
      Wisconsin English Civil War Society. I used to do much more
      reguarding medieval, renaissance, and the American Civil War but lost
      interest from all the back biteing, and two faced politics that were
      following about.
      There is very little that dosent interest me in recreating
      historicaly and try to always keep an open mind to new evidence.
      Over the years I've become rather crafty and have learned soem basic
      primitave black smithing, wood carving, shoe making, and have yet to
      find living off the land an ordeal. (though I have yet to do it for
      more than a few weeks at a time.

      So who's next???
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