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140Camelot Fayre Participant Classes

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  • Lloyd Clark
    Apr 18, 2006
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      Hi All,

      Since there is time this year, we will be holding both formal and
      informal classes for Fayre participants. We are going up "up our
      standards" a bit this year in the areas of period kits (clothing,
      armour and weapons), basic fayre accent, and knowledge of the period.

      I would like to hold the classes at about 1pm on Saturdays (no, not
      every Saturday) which gives those of us in the Western Martial Arts
      class time to eat and rest a bit.

      For those interested in the WMA classes, they start this Saturday at
      10am at the Beaver Dam YMCA. Those who are not Y members will have
      to pay $20 for the 8 week (excluding Memorial Day weekend) course (Y
      members are $10). Call the Y at 920-887-8811 to register.

      We are also expanding our Living History area and would greatly like
      those who are attached to any Roman, Dark Age, or early Medieval LH
      groups who might be interested in participating to contact us.

      I have been asked to organize a "fight troupe" for Silverleaf next
      year (those involved will be expected to not only fight, but act as
      well) and will be paid (I don't know how much at this time). Those
      interested and who are willing to be there all 7 weekends, please let
      me know (I think Shane would also welcome a few extra squires as
      well). The fights will not be "choreographed", but utilize real WMA
      techniques (choice of style is up to the fighters). They will also
      be rebated steel or aluminum only, so armour will be necessary.
      Those interested should contact me as soon as they can. Who knows,
      could be a new profession for some of you fighting on the circuit...

      Alright, call/email me with questions.