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101Wisconsin Fiore Classes, Seminars and Tournament

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  • Lloyd Clark
    Mar 4, 2005
      The Wisconsin Schola St.George Study Group will begin twice monthly
      practices Saturday, March 5 in Beaver Dam. There is no charge for
      the inital classes. Go here for full information and a map to get to
      the practices:

      Brian Price will be here May 28 and 29 for a Fiore Longsword seminar
      and will be returning June 25 & 26 for our WMA tournament.

      Schola practices begin Mar 5 and will be twice monthly on Saturdays
      with the possibility of weekday evening practices as well.

      For more info - just give me a yell!


      The Guilde of St. Michael is pleased to announce a weekend of
      techniques from Fiore dei Liberi's Fior di Bataglia treatise of arms
      on April 30th - May 1st.

      The weekend event will be held in Janesville, WI and be run by St.
      Martin's Academy head and founder, Bob Charron. If you are interested
      in participating please contact us ASAP (contact@...).
      Cost for this event is $50 prior to April 3rd, and $75 up to the day
      of the event.

      For more information on Bob Charron and St. Martin's Academy check
      their site at: http://www.stmartinsacademy.com/

      To reserve your spot or for more information contact Chris at:


      Lloyd Clark