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313Re: [wisconsingourdsociety] Re: New Photos and Files

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  • cabinmade17@frontiernet.net
    Jul 7, 2009

      Oh, I am! I'm allergic to the sun so don't usually get out till it starts going down. But to me anyway, the partly cloudy skies and cooler weather is pretty darn good. The sun worshipers don't agree with me! Or the growers, huh?

      I'm enjoying watching my garden grow, big time. Everyone of my hills had multiple seeds sprout. Some took about 3 weeks to come up so I had replanted them and all those came up too! Can't wait till the arbors are covered and I can get under out of the sun...almost there!

      I had added those tool files to the 'forgourdnesssake' group yahoo site and figured the Wisconsin site might like them too.


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      Hey Bonnie -
      Great ideas and thanks for sharing them! I'm sure all of us have things to share and add to the Tools and Aids folder. Great idea!
      Hope this finds you doing well and enjoying this "summer"...if you can call it that.

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      > Hi, All,
      > I added some photos of a few handmade accessories my husband Bob made for me for working on my gourds. I also added them to the FILES section and created a folder to hold them. The folder is Tools and Aids for Gourds. Please add any of your 'special' tools or sources as you run across them. I know I'm always looking for things to make gourding easier for me and you probably are too.
      > I also added a file called Work Stand for Gourds. A lady at another gourd site has trouble with her neck and needed something to get her gourd at eye level so she didn't have to bend her neck. This is a cheap alternative to build at home and save lots of money! Most clamping devices on the market are too small and not really built for gourds.
      > Thanks,
      > Bonnie

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