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304Re: [wisconsingourdsociety] 'FREE' carving burrs

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  • cabinmade17@frontiernet.net
    Jun 6 5:24 PM

      Thanks Phil! I do the same thing. My dentist got a wood spirit carving in a piece of found driftwood. Of course I carved him with a big set of pearly white choppers! His office staff shows it off to all his patients. They get a lot of chuckles. I do the same with gourds and get different kinds of 'donations' toward my hobbies.


      P.S. I went to school with a guy named Phil Ward!

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      Thanks for the great tip  Bonnie. I used to get old dental tools from my dentist for carving lost wax casting molds.  If anyone ever is making mobiles  I have found most welding, rivet, and sheet metal vendors enjoy working with artists and when I surprise them with a small piece of my work turn into great fans and are always glad to give me great discounts on materials. 
      My best days are when I making art with a particular person in mind. Working on a gourd this morning taking some color patterns from  Picasso and Rousseau.
      Regards, Phil Ward

      From: cabinmade17 <cabinmade17@...>
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      Sent: Friday, June 5, 2009 5:20:57 PM
      Subject: [wisconsingourdsociety] 'FREE' carving burrs

      Here's a tip for all you carvers out there.
      I was/am a woodcarver before I became a gourder and get carving burrs, really fine, tiny ones, from my dentist for FREE! They use the really good tungston carbide burrs but don't use them very long before they change them out. There's still a lot of good sharp wear in them for wood or gourds. Have your dentist save them for you. They are cleaned and sterilized in an auto-clave so no worries about them being dirty.
      I lucked out about a year ago when my dentist updated his drilling equipment and gave me several packages of brand new carving burrs left over from his old equipment. Saved me hundreds of dollars in burrs. Well worth a try!
      In turn, I gave my dentist a carving of a wood spirit in a piece of found driftwood. Of course I carved him with a double set of big pearly whites! He mentions it every time I get my teeth cleaned!

      Bonnie Adams

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