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301Scrubby pads

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  • cabinmade17
    Jun 3, 2009
      Thought you guys might be interested in this, maybe you already know about it! A gourd artist out East mentioned that she uses her dremel with the wiry little scrubby pad end for getting rid of the stubborn waxy buildup that just refuses to come off the outside of a gourd when cleaning, but they are very costly and can't be bought in bulk. My local woodshop turned me on to an alternative and it also smooths out the inside of a gourd great! They sell 6"X9" 3M Scotch Brite sheets in fine, medium and coarse grades that only cost $1.50. Cut them into 1" squares or circles and attach them to your Dremel's screw shaft mandrel and you have the same thing. They work great! I've attached theit website below on the page with they scrubbies. If there are any spaces added by YaHoo, just delete them and it should work for you.
      You can also buy Scotch Brite pads in the cleaning product section of most stores, but they are small and more expensive.