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Wind Power Workshop

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  • seioutreach
    I m writing to let people know about an upcoming wind power workshop at Solar Energy International (SEI). It s a great chance for people to learn about the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2004
      I'm writing to let people know about an upcoming wind power workshop
      at Solar Energy International (SEI). It's a great chance for people
      to learn about the theory behind wind power and get some experience
      with a small wind installation.

      Solar Energy International is offering an intensive 2-week wind power
      workshop with nationally recognized wind power expert Mick Sagrillo.
      Students will learn to design and install commercial wind generator
      systems. This workshop covers system sizing, site analysis, safety
      issues, and hardware specification. Learn about the different
      commercially available wind turbines and the advantages and
      isadvantages of each. Get hands-on experience working with full-size
      wind systems. The workshop also discusses solar/wind hybrids and
      utility-tied wind systems.

      The second week of the workshop focuses on the installation of a AWP
      3.6 wind generator on an 85' tilt up tower, along with an anemometer
      to monitor the local wind resource.

      SEI professionals have project and training experience in the
      Americas, Africa, Micronesia, and the Caribbean. During the past 12
      years, SEI staff have delivered services to the Pan American Health
      Organizations, Non-Governmental development organizations (NGOs),
      foreign, national and state governments, universities, and individuals
      seeking the benefits of renewable energy.

      SEI is continuing a 15-year history of education in renewable energy
      technologies through its Renewable Energy Education program (REEP).
      Workshops are offered in a hands-on / how-to style, primarily at our
      Colorado training facility. Classroom and laboratory work is
      complemented by case studies, field tours, and professional
      installations with real equipment in real settings.

      REGISTRATION HAPPENING NOW! For more info contact SEI at
      (970)963-8855 or

      SEI WIND POWER WORKSHOP DATES: July 26th - August 6th, 2004
      LOCATION: Carbondale/Paonia Colorado
      INSTRUCTOR: Mick Sagrillo
      WEBSITE: http://www.solarenergy.org/workshops/workshop.php?id=8

      Please feel free to forward this message to anyone you think might be
      interested or to post it on any email lists.


      Chris Henderson
      Solar Energy International (SEI)
      PO Box 715 (Shipping: 76 S.2nd St.)
      Carbondale, CO 81623
      ph:970-963-8855 fax: 970-963-8866
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