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FW: RSVP_List Diesel generator information

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  • Tom Gray
    ... From: owner-rsvp@mail.nrel.gov [mailto:owner-rsvp@mail.nrel.gov]On Behalf Of Steven Kaufman Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 11:19 AM Subject: RSVP_List
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      Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 11:19 AM
      Subject: RSVP_List Diesel generator information

      Dear All,

      We would greatly appreciate information on fuel consumption by diesel
      generators. The Energy research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) and
      Sunrise Technologies are examining how to structure carbon dioxide
      emissions "baselines" for diesel powered electricity generation in
      order to facilitate carbon-offset crediting for off-grid renewable
      energy installations (i.e., wind, hydro, and PV).

      We are collecting information on fuel consumption by diesel generators
      used for stand-alone and mini-grid applications. We are interested in
      a broad range of generator sizes, from small generators that produce
      just a few kilowatts to very large generators used in multi-megawatt
      power stations. We are particularly interested in data from diesel
      generators that have actually operated in the field for some time.

      If you have any information on fuel consumption by diesel generators,
      we would very much appreciate if you could supply some or all of
      following details:

      Generator size (specified in horsepower & electric capacity, or just
      electric capacity)

      Application (i.e., individual home, mini-grid, water pumping, or other
      specific use)

      Average diesel fuel consumption per kWh of electricity produced

      Capacity factor (average production/installed capacity)

      Load factor (average load/peak load)

      Rate of fuel consumption at full load and at lower percentages of load
      (for example, 50%, 75%, 100%)

      Approximate age of generator

      Generator manufacturer's name

      In addition to any fuel consumption data for specific diesel
      generators, we would welcome information on the factors that can
      influence fuel consumption.

      We ask that you please supply information as soon as possible. We can
      incorporate information received by November 12, 2001. I will gladly
      share the information we receive and the results of our research with
      anyone who is interested.

      Thanks very much.

      With kind regards,

      Steven Kaufman


      Steven L. Kaufman
      Sunrise Technologies Consulting
      198 Waverly Street
      Arlington, MA 02476 USA
      ph. + 781 641-3991
      fax + 781 648-3848

      Posted to the Renewables for Sustainable Village Power List
      By: "Steven Kaufman" <SLKaufman@...>
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