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New REPP-CREST Report: Diesel Generators and Renewables

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  • Tom Gray
    I believe I sent this to the list previously, but if not, here it is again. Tom Gray American Wind Energy Association ... From: Virinder Singh
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2001
      I believe I sent this to the list previously, but if not, here it
      is again.

      Tom Gray
      American Wind Energy Association

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      From: Virinder Singh [mailto:VirinderS@...]
      Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2001 1:27 PM
      Subject: New REPP-CREST Report: Diesel Generators and Renewables

      Dear Advocates -

      REPP-CREST is happy to announce a new report on a timely subject –
      replacing diesel generators with cleaner energy. “Blending Wind and
      Solar into the Diesel Generator Market” by Virinder Singh is now
      available at http://www.repp.org/pdf/diesel.pdf.

      The report provides a national estimate of NOx and CO2 emissions from
      diesel generators. It finds that diesel generators nationwide emitted
      293,000 tons of nitrogen oxide in 1996 - similar to NOx emissions from
      all power plants in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey combined. It
      finds that environmental regulations for diesel generators are weak, and
      that the case is strong for programs and market strategies to advance
      zero-emission technologies as a pollution control strategy.

      The report examines 2 markets:

      1. The Alaskan village power market, where diesel generators power
      village mini-grids, and where wind-diesel hybrids are a proven
      application appropriate for the unique conditions of remote Alaskan

      2. The back-up power market, especially for smaller commercial and
      residential establishments. This market is dominated by diesel
      generators. Solar photovoltaics offer a market-ready option to provide
      cleaner back-up power.

      The report reaches a number of recommendations to advance wind and
      solar in the markets mentioned above:

      Alaska Village Power

      · Diesel equipment firms should diversify by retrofitting diesel
      generators with wind power

      · Governments should tailor financing to wind power rather than to
      diesel power

      · Governments and the wind industry should train local citizens to
      install and maintain wind-diesel systems

      Back-Up Power

      · State environmental agencies should jump-start replacement efforts
      with a multi-year incentive program

      · The PV industry should align itself more closely with the
      energy-services industry, and vice versa

      · PV should be better integrated into the federal Energy Star program

      · Government and industry should publicize existing financing options
      and integrate easy-to-understand information into marketing efforts

      · The PV industry should develop a resale market

      · The PV industry should make portable systems a priority

      · State energy funds should share costs with environmental agencies and
      the PV industry to catalyze diesel generator replacement and PV product

      There are also a limited number of hardcopies. To order, call (202)
      293-2898 or write to VirinderS@....

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