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[w-d] Mission Statement of Bangladesh Renewable Energy Development Co. (BREDC) Ltd.

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  • Mazharul Islam
    Mission Statement of Bangladesh Renewable Energy Development Co. (BREDC) Ltd. ======================================================== Bangladesh Renewable
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2000
      Mission Statement of
      Bangladesh Renewable Energy Development Co. (BREDC) Ltd.
      Bangladesh Renewable Energy Development Company Limited (BREDC) is a
      company of Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) which is the main
      authority to generate, transmit & distribute electricity in Bangladesh. BPDB
      had decided to float BREDC with a view to streamlining, strengthening,
      popularizing and expanding renewable energy technologies throughout

      BREDC has started functioning with a seed money from BPDB and will generate
      own fund through participating in competitive commercial ventures and by
      earning profit. The company is expected to have a very good impact in meeting
      the challenges of providing power to vast population living in the remote

      Due to technical hurdles and cost, it is not justified to extend national
      electricity grid to many remote locations and offshore islands. BPDB is
      generating electricity from diesel power plants in these remote locations
      is causing huge losses due to higher fuel cost, fuel transportation cost,
      pilferage of fuel, inaccessibility etc. These remote places are ideal for
      renewable energy utilization and BREDC will take steps for harnessing
      electricity from appropriate renewable energy technology in these places as
      soon as possible.

      Main objectives of BREDC are -

      1. To disseminate, manufacture/assemble, finance, supply or install     
      different renewable energy technologies
      2. To disseminate, manufacture/assemble, supply or install different energy
      efficiency and energy conservation technologies
      3. To provide Consultancy and other expert and specialized services on a
      commercial basis in all the fields of new and renewable energy technologies
      4. To provide services to different sectors and also to the Government on
      policy issues and their implementation.
      5. To work as a local counterpart of foreign companies for providing
      consultancy and other services.
      6. To conduct renewable energy related training programs.
      7. To publish renewable energy related leaflets, posters, periodicals,
      and books.

      Contact Person :
      Mazharul Islam
      Bangladesh Renewable Energy Development Company Ltd. (BREDC)
      Wapda Building (1st Floor)
      Motijheel C/A
      Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
      Tel    : 9562154, 9563532 (off), 419644, 9351062 (res)
      FAX    : 880-2-9564765
      E-mail : mazhar@...
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