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2 Weeks to register: 2nd Intl Wind Integration Symposium Frankfurt - 8 - 9 May, 2012

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  • Thomas Ackermann
    *Dear Colleagues, The 2nd Wind Integration Symposium will be held in Frankfurt/Main, Germany on 08-09 May 2012. *This year, the Wind Integration Symposium will
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      Dear Colleagues,

      The 2nd Wind Integration Symposium will be held in Frankfurt/Main, Germany on 08-09 May 2012.

      This year, the Wind Integration Symposium will focus on Integration of Renewables - High penetration issues: Understanding and managing the changing power system dynamics with high level of Non Synchronous Generation.

      The presentations will come from TSOs and wind turbine manufactures and we hope to get a vivid discussion during the symposium.

       The 5 symposium sessions are:

      • Session 1: Experiences and challenges for TSOs/DSOs associated with high penetration of renewables. Analysis of Experiences of Power System technical challenges for countries with high instantaneous penetration of non-synchronous plant.
      • Session 2: Analysis of associated challenges of high penetration
      • Session 3: Principle solutions to high penetration challenges
      • Session 4: Modelling challenges for investigation of high penetration challenges
      • Session 5: Panel Session

      The detailed program is outlined on the symposium's website. (http://www.windintegrationsymposium.org/)

      Best regards
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