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84RE: [w-d] wind mill service

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    Sep 10, 2008

      Thank you for your e-mail. Please see the list of Operations and Maintenance  companies below.


      American Electric Technologies, Inc.
      6410 Long Drive
      Houston, TX 77087
      Phone: 713-644-8182



      Tri State Painting Corporation
      Robert Livingston
      PO Box 325
      Forestburg , TX 76239
      Phone: 940-390-5222
      Fax: 940-665-3445

      Company Description:

      Tri State Painting Corporation cleans and services wind power turbines.


      Wind Composite Services
      9001 Airport Boulevard
      Suite 108
      Houston , TX 77061
      Fax: (713) 944 1317



      Turn Energy Maintenance, LLC
      Russ Carr
      P.O. Box 26943
      Austin, TX 78755
      Phone: 512-457-0374
      Fax: 512-323-9295


      Shermco Industries
      2425 E. Pioneer Dr .
      Irving , TX 75061
      Phone: 00+1.972.793.5523
      Fax: 00+1.972.793.5523


      Oil Air Hydraulics, Inc.
      11505 West Little York Road
      Houston, TX 77041
      Phone: 713-937-8900






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      Stefanie Brown

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      American Wind Energy Association

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      sbrown@...   *   www.awea.org/events

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      i'm doing my diploma work to my Polytechnic concerning wind mill power.

      i'm looking for more information of wind mill services in U.S.

      What kind of service and how often it is required ? Is there any wind mill service companies / organisations which are taking care of it ? How it is organized ?  Is there any regulations concerning service ?  Do you have any links available ?


      I appreciate any information what is available,

      With best regards


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