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123International Wind Diesel Workshop - Honolulu Hawai'i - September 12-13, 2013

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  • Baring-Gould, Ian
    Aug 10, 2013
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      Colleagues –

      I wanted to make sure that everybody was aware of the upcoming International Wind Diesel Workshop organized and hosted by the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG). The event will take place following the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit Islands & Isolated Communities Congress which takes place September 9-11, 2013, also in Honolulu.

      This workshop is a continuation of the long-standing Wind-Diesel Workshop series, expanded to include additional power generation technologies that are being deployed in remote and islanded communities. The workshop will focus on the deployment of wind, solar, battery and diesel technologies on isolated and islanded power systems and microgrids, discuss what has worked (and what has not), and provide insight into areas where improvements are still needed. The workshop will provide a unique forum for technology vendors for distributed variable generation and storage technology; project developers; regulators; system planners and designers; and operators of small systems to gain exposure to the latest thinking on the design and operation of hybrid power systems, ranging from a few hundred kilowatts to tens of megawatts.

      Workshop topics include:

      ·                     Resource Assessment and Forecasting

      ·                     Managing Variability and Uncertainty

      ·                     Intelligent Control and Grid Stabilization

      ·                     System Design Options

      ·                     Hybrid System Technologies

      ·                     Remote Mining Application

      ·                     Health/Quality of Life Impacts

      ·                     Economic Development

      More information on the event including a very well-crafted agenda can be found at: http://variablegen.org/events/#!/4648/international-hybrid-power-system-workshop


      My best regards to you all,




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