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12[w-d] electric generator for power systems

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  • Arendt Speser
    Jun 23, 1999
      Greetings. I am a contractor working for the U.S. Navy tasked with
      commercializing high priority technology being developed under federal
      funding. I am currently involved with a project dealing with a new
      high-efficiency-high-power, variable-speed DC electric brushless generator.
      More specifically, the system is a 30-volt DC, 900-amp generator using a
      brushless permanent magnet machine along with MosFET-based power electronics
      and microprocessor/DSP control. The generator runs at 3200 rpm's at low
      speed and up to 12,000 rpm's at high speed. It has a 30 Kw rating; and it is
      over 85% efficient along the operating range. The generator can be used with
      any type of engine and can handle different interfaces. The only requirement
      is a minimum of 40 horsepower to power it. It was designed to be liquid
      cooled and wired right in-line with the engine, so the engine coolant also
      cools the generator. Because the generator is brushless it does not wear
      down like conventional generators and is much more efficient as well. This
      efficiency is augmented by the generator's microprocessor, which makes sure
      the high-power electrical current being produced is not wasted or inhibited
      by slow processing. The developing company also holds a specialized "Phase
      Timing Advancement" patent that monitors and stabilizes power output,
      resulting in high energy conversion efficiency and constant DC voltage
      output over a wide speed range. This generator was originally developed for
      vehicle applications but is in no way limited by its history. These are the
      specifications for the original unit designed for the Navy; if needed, the
      voltage rating can be set between 20-40, and the amperage can be scaled down
      to meet requirements. I am seeking suggestions for commercial applications
      for this technology and requirements/specifications that end-users might
      like to see.

      For more information on the generator itself, or if you have a possible
      application for this technology, please contact:

      Arendt Speser
      Foresight Science & Technology, Inc.
      P.O. Box 6815
      New Bedford, MA 02742
      508-984-0018 ext.13
      Fax: 508-984-0405


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