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119Renewables Integration Symposium Mainz, Germany, June 2013

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  • Thomas Ackermann
    May 2 11:51 PM

      Dear Sir or Madam,

      We look forward to welcoming you to this year's Renewables Integration Symposium to be held in Mainz, Germany on 19-20 June 2013.

      The Renewables Integration Symposium follows on from the two previous Wind Integration Symposiums which were held in Frankfurt in 2012 and 2011.

      This year, the Symposium will focus on High integration issues: Integration of Renewable Generation into the Distribution Network – Experience and Solutions from Germany and the World.
      The symposium languages will be English and German with simultaneous translation.

      Session I: Operation strategies for distribution networks with high share of renewables
      In this session, German and international DSOs share their experience with the integration of high share of renewables into distribution networks and outline future developments/solutions.

      Confirmed speakers:
      - Enno Wieben (EWE, Germany),
      - Raffael La Fauci (EWZ, Switzerland)

      Session II: Interface between distribution and transmission network: What is needed from both sides!
      With increasing penetration levels of distributed renewables, operation of transmission and distribution networks must be coordinated much better in the future than they are today. In this session, TSO/DSOs report on their current ideas.

      Confirmed speakers:
      -  Per Lund (Energinet.dk, Denmark),
      - Hans Abele (TransnetBW, Germany),
      - Simon Tweed (Eirgrid, Ireland)

      Session III: Principle solutions to high penetration challenges
      Distributed renewable energy sources mainly influence voltage levels in distribution networks. In this session, the issue of voltage control with distributed renewable generation is discussed from different points of view.

      Confirmed speakers:
      -  Adam Slupinski (ABB, Germany),
      -  Markus Pöller (M.P.E, Germany), Jens Fortmann (REpower, Germany),
      - Bernhard Ernst (SMA Solar Technology AG, Germany)

      Session IV: High renewable penetration levels and Smart Grids
      Confirmed speakers:
      - Florian Schlögl (IWES, Germany),
      - Per Lund (Energinet.dk, Denmark),
      - Simon Tweed (Eirgrid, Ireland)

      Session V: Panel Discussion
      Three success factors for cost effective and secure development of high penetration of renewables in distribution networks

          Confirmed speakers: Helge Urdal (National Grid, UK), Frans van Hulle (EWEA, Belgium)
          Co-authors: Riccardo Lama (ENEL, Italy), Jens Fortmann (REPower, Germany), Stephan Wachtel (GE, Germany), Eckard Quitmann (Enercon, Germany),

      For a detailed program please visit: www.renewablesintegrationsymposium.org/program

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      Best regards
      Thomas Ackermann, Ph.D.
      Energynautics GmbH

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