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103Solar Integration Workshop 2011 Aarhus, Denmark

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  • Thomas Ackermann
    May 29, 2011

      Call for Papers:
      3 days left for abstract submission / deadline 1 June, 2011

      The Solar Integration Workshop will be held for the first time in conjunction with the 10th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants. It is part of the Renewable Energy Week Aarhus, Denmark and will be held on Monday 24 October, 2011.

      The Solar Integration Workshop brings together utilities, PV/CSP system developers and project developers, power systems operators and other professionals to exchange knowledge and ideas as well as experiences in matters relating to the integration of solar energy into the power systems. Speakers from companies and leading institutes are invited to present at the workshop, as well as workshop participants. For more information see the workshop website.

      If you would like to to present a paper at the Solar Integration Workshop please submit an abstract of maximum 300 words (free style) as well as a brief summary of the nature of your work and level of expertise by 1st June, 2011 to info@.... All accepted papers will be included in the workshop proceedings. We welcome papers, brief technical notes and posters.

      Based on this information, authors will be notified of the acceptance of their papers by 1st July, 2011.
      Final papers must then be submitted 15th September, 2011 at the latest.

      Authors will pay a reduced workshop fee. All participants are responsible for paying their own travel and hotel expenses.

      Please select a subject for your work from the list of conference topics.

      Proposed Preferential Topics

      • Project experiences related to grid connection
      • Smart Grids and Solar Power
      • Experiences with large-scale integration of solar power into power systems
      • IT technology for the integration of solar power
      • Solar power monitoring and prediction systems
      • Modeling of inverters and solar power plants for system integration studies including methods of testing and verification of compliance with requirements, and technologies (on grid side and power plant side) to facilitate integration
      • Power balancing methods and solutions, e.g. balance markets, to manage solar power variability in power systems
      • Evaluation of rules and mechanisms for integrating solar power in electricity markets
      • PV/CSP system models for interconnection and planning studies
      • State-of-the-art solar resources forecasting and opportunities for improvement
      • Solar integration study methodologies and data requirements
      • Modeling solar power plant output variability and assessing the impacts
      • PV/CSP integration study experiences
      • Interconnection standards for solar systems, solar system models for system planning and interconnection studies
      • Solar power plant performance for plant operation and interconnection with the grid
      • Solar energy and storage systems integrated solutions
      A printable version of the Call for Papers is available for download on the workshop website.
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