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8043Life after Death ch 6

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  • Erin Smith
    Jun 12, 2006
      Hi everyone. Sorry for the huge wait for this chapter but it's done now and there's hopefully more on its way too. I hope you enjoy this one. Let me know
      Author: Ezz
      Title: Life After Death
      Rating: 12
      Email: wiccaezz@...
      Summary: Willow and Giles come together (or will eventually) after a personal tragedy. Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss. I'm just borrowing them. No infringement Intended.
      Chapter 6
      The sky glowed and dusk was falling as she made her way in through the heavy wooden door. On first entering, Buffy couldn’t see Giles, but he soon popped out from the kitchen carrying, not to her surprise, a fresh cup of tea. With a quick nod of his head he beckoned her to follow him so they could talk.
      “Hey Giles. Just thought I’d swing by before patrolling to get the latest scoop on the demon … so what’s with the Willow-like object on the couch anyway?”
      “Mmm?” he took a sip of his tea
      “ Willow ? Redhead? My friend? Seems to be asleep on the couch”
      “Yes thank you for that update Buffy. We were doing some spells and I thought it wise she take a rest. She was quite drained.”
      “That still happening? Surely by now all this magic should be less drainy and a bit more… erm less drainy?”
      “It’s perfectly normal. Absolutely nothing to worry about I assure you”
      “Well you’re the boss, boss…. So what’s the demon low-down?”
      “There’s not much to tell actually …”
      She heard their voices, muffled in the fog. Then the fire found her again. The heat rose through her body, burning her flesh as the eyes looked on. She struggled. The fire held her. She twisted against it, the power, the fire.
      Willow bolted into consciousness, gasping. She put her hand to her pale forehead, blotting the beads of flame-like sweat from it as she Giles quickly approaching. He kneeled next to her.
      “ Willow ? What was it?” He asked, concerned.
      “That same dream again.”
      “Tell me. ” He put his hand on her arm.
      “Pretty much the same. You know, the general unpleasantness of freaky eyes and being burned alive. I guess that’s what ya get for being a witch huh?”  She half-joked.
      She had calmed down by now but she was still pale. Giles moved his hand from her arm up to her face.
      “I’m sure it’s nothing. You’re safe here remember.”
      He absent-mindedly circling the smooth skin of her cheek with his thumb. Willow unconsciously leaned into his touch, smiling despite feeling a slight blush wash over her. As Buffy entered the living room Giles quickly withdrew his hand and immediately removed his glasses, polishing them attentively.
      “All the same I’d like you to keep a record of these dreams, just in case.” He reapplied his glasses and stood up.
      “Hey Wills”.
      “Buffy … hi” she replied, slightly flustered. “I didn’t know you were here. Come for some one-on-one watcher time?”
      “Oh you know, just checking up on things. I’m off patrolling in a bit.”
      “Yeah you know” said Willow , standing “I should probably leave you guys to it. Can’t get in the way of slayer time.”
      “ Willow , you really don’t have to..” Giles started
      “No, I should get going anyway before it gets all dark and demony out.” She headed to the door. “I’ll see you later though for more magic.. and of course valuable research. See you at home Buffy!” she called and was gone.
      Giles closed the door behind her and turned to find a discontented looking Buffy directly behind him, her arms folded.
      “What was that?” she demanded.
      “I’m sorry, what was what?”
      “Oh you know what! I mean I know you and Willow have been spending a lot of time together but I know what it means when she gets that goofy look on her face”.
      “What are you suggesting Buffy? You can’t honestly believe that…”
      “All I know is she’s been through a hell of a lot lately and she doesn’t need this right now, least of all from you!”
      “Now wait a minute. I…”
      “So if I were you” she interrupted “I’d just back off a bit. Got it? Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got things to do, demons to slay…”
      She strode out forcefully, letting the door slam loudly behind her. Giles was left alone to contemplate Buffy’s words. Left to contemplate their real meaning and the possible truth behind them.

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