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  • davidstallard@cs.com
    This is a test
    Message 1 of 78 , Mar 2, 2000
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      This is a test
    • thesiliconphoenix@gurlmail.com
      ... would you ... WetWorks. plain. and. simple. Everyone s rollin their eyes, I know, but have you ever read the profiles in the WW ashcan? They re
      Message 78 of 78 , Mar 17, 2000
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        --- In wildstormfan@onelist.com, davidstallard@c... wrote:
        > Here's a question for the list: Which cancelled Wildstorm book
        would you
        > most like to see revived? Why that book?

        WetWorks. plain. and. simple.

        Everyone's rollin' their eyes, I know, but have you ever read the
        profiles in the WW ashcan? They're phenomenal! If those writers
        after F. Takenaga had stayed true to the characters set down by the
        original team, WetWorks would have never gotten as bad as it did/is.

        WetWorks had a lot of potential starting out. But, like with all
        series shuffled between creative teams from month to month, it didn't
        stand a chance. In the end, I was almost glad that it was

        It needs to be brought back with the guarantee of at least a script
        that will last more than three issues. Also, there are a lot of
        loose ends in WetWorks that need to be either explored or tied up.
        After that, all it needs is a few "X-Men Pancake Breakfast" issues
        inbetween the incredibly gory battle issues and everything'll be
        going smoothly. If they bring back Dozer and Claymore, of course.

        What was that WetWorks: Wild Times thing with Superman?! Bah!!
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