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    This is a test
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      This is a test
    • Nuno Gil Franco
      Ahahahah Scott, I still get a funny feeling whenever I see your name on an email. It s like having an inside man :) N. Franco On 13 May 2016 04:48, Scott
      Message 85 of 85 , May 13, 2016

        Ahahahah Scott, I still get a funny feeling whenever I see your name on an email. It's like having an inside man :)

        N. Franco

        On 13 May 2016 04:48, "Scott Dunbier sdunbier@... [wildstormfan]" <wildstormfan@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

        Ha, I'm still here too. All best wishes to the old gang.

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        On May 12, 2016, at 10:06 PM, Mathieu Doublet onirique@... [wildstormfan] <wildstormfan@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


        Hi David,

        I'm still here too. :) For me, Wildstorm had a lot of killers. Well, every massacre happened when they tried to reboot the universe and saw it wasn't selling. ;) I wish they could go back to the Casey version of Wildcats and keep going on or the Gen13 title with the old team ...

        Hope everything is the best to every member of this list.


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        Objet: [wildstormfan] Re: Introduction....

        I don't know if anybody is out there since this list has been dead for many years now. But it recently reached its 16th birthday! For nostalgia's sake, below you'll find the message I sent to kick things off so long ago.

        Reading through this again really makes me want to break out some of those back issues--it is quickly approaching 2 decades for me, and may already be that long for those of you who read these books as they were published (as the message below states, I was more-or-less a latecomer who bought in through super-cheap back issues in 1999 or so). I know there are plenty of weaknesses to be found, both with the writing and the art, but for me the overall tightly-coupled universe they built in the early days was a thing of beauty. I still view Warren Ellis as the destroyer of all that, even though I think almost everyone else on the planet would say that Warren Ellis is when Wildstorm finally started t o get good. :)

        ---In wildstormfan@yahoogroups.com, <davidstallard@...> wrote :

        Hi folks, I'm David, and I'm the list moderator.

        Well, now that we've got a few people on the list, I thought I'd kick things
        off by giving a little intro of myself. This is a little long-winded, but
        hopefully it'll provide some fuel for conversation. First I'll give a little
        history about how I stopped reading Wildstorm way back in the old days and
        only recently rediscovered it, and then I'll talk some about the books
        they're currently publishing.

        But before I start, a little disclaimer: I'm just a fan. I don't work in
        the comic book industry, and I don't have any inside connections. It's
        likely that there will be people on this list who know more about Wildstorm
        than me--in fact, I hope that's the case so that I can fill in those areas
        that aren't so clear. So don't look to me to have answers for everything--in
        fact, you can expect that I'll be asking a bunch of questions to the list
        about various aspects of the universe, like what obscure old issues I should
        hunt down next or whatever.

        So, a little history: I've essentially only been a fan of the Wildstorm
        Universe since the summer of 1999. Back in the early 90s when Image Comics
        first hit the scene, I was an avid comic collector. I bought a bunch of the
        Image stuff, and I liked most of it. However, Image was having a lot of
        issues with timeliness back then (this was unusual in those days...now it
        seems that all the companies are habitually late with their books) and that
        sorta turned me away from several of their titles--not just out of principle,
        but because I just couldn't remember what was happening from issue to issue
        so I didn't have much reason to care about the next issue! So anyway, I
        dropped some Image stuff early on and stuck with some others, but it wasn't
        much longer before I dropped comics altogether. My favorite Image books back
        then, if I remember correctly, were Cyberforce and Stormwatch.

        Anyway, so a few years go by without me reading comics at all. Then I get
        caught up in the Magic: The Gathering craze. It's not long before I start
        wanting to sample all the different collectible card games that were on the
        market. One of the those was the Wildstorms Collectible Card Game. I fell
        in love with it instantly, and the great art reminded me of my comic
        collecting days. So I played Wildstorms for a while and every now and then I
        would wander into a comic shop and pick up a couple titles just to see what
        was happening, but I didn't become a regular collector.

        Well, after a while, my group stopped playing Wildstorms and they collected
        dust for 2 or 3 years...I always wanted to start playing again but the rest
        of the group had moved on to other things. Then, sometime in early 1999, I
        brought out my cards and looked at them again, and got excited about the game
        once more. At this point, Wildstorms had already been a dead game for a
        couple years, and I discovered that I could buy boxes of cards for very
        little money. So I ordered a bunch of cards (5 boxes, to be exact!) and I
        was in heaven--I enjoyed collecting the cards even though I knew I probably
        wouldn't play.

        Well, looking at all those cards, I started to get curious about the
        Wildstorm Universe--I wanted to know how all these different characters were
        related to each other and what sorts of adventures they'd been through. I
        pulled out my old comics and found that I still really liked books like
        Stormwatch and Cyberforce (at the same time, I discovered that Youngblood and
        other Rob Liefeld books were much worse than I remembered them being). I was
        very curious about what had happened with those books since I essentially
        only had the first 4-5 issues of each of the Image titles. By this point I
        had started collecting a few comics regularly again, but it would cost too
        much for me to start buying back issues of all that stuff.

        Then came the breakthrough--we were on vacation in Colorado (I live in Ohio),
        and in a mall I found a comic store which was having a 75% off sale, with the
        requirement that you buy at least 20 books. I jumped on the opportunity--I
        bought near-complete runs of Stormwatch, Cyberforce, Savage Dragon, and
        Codename: Strykeforce. From that point on, I was hooked. Stormwatch led to
        a bunch of other titles (which I was able to get very cheaply thanks to
        Ebay), and now I have a big chunk of Wildstorm's back catalog.

        I haven't read everything from Wildstorm yet, but my favorite book of what
        I've read is Stormwatch. And I'm not just talking about the Warren Ellis
        run, as good as that was. I like the entire series from issue 1 all the way
        up. Granted, there are a few shaky periods where the level of quality is a
        little lacking, but overall I just love that entire book. My favorite
        characters are generally the ones that didn't survive to make it into the
        Authority. While I like some of the Ellis creations like Jenny Sparks and so
        on, I still have a fondness for characters like Fuji and Diva and even that
        nasty old Flashpoint.

        The only major Wildstorm titles I don't own are Gen13 and DV8. For some
        reason I've always been hesitant to get into these books because of the "kid"
        factor--I mean, right now I'm reading the first two Gen13 trade paperbacks
        and I cringe and roll my eyes at lines like "Wow, totally rad!" But I'm
        warming up to it, and I'm interested in picking up a complete run of DV8.
        I'm not quite as sold on Gen13 yet. Oh, I also only have two issues of
        Union, but I expect that eventually I'll get the remainder of that book as

        So, to date I've read Stormwatch, Backlash, Wildcore, the Team 7 minis
        (including Gen12), Black Ops, The Kindred, Wildstorm!, the Team One minis,
        and I just finished Wildcats volume 1. There are probably some other
        short-run books I've read too, which I just can't recall right now. The
        titles I own but have yet to read are: Wetworks, Deathblow, Grifter (both
        volumes), Savant Garde, Divine Right, and Wildcats volume 2.

        As for currently-being-published Wildstorm stuff, I essentially read
        everything except for Gen13. Authority is my favorite of the current
        books--I'm really excited about the fact that the new creative team seems to
        have an interest in drawing some more ties between Authority and the rest of
        the Wildstorm Universe. Have you seen the cover of Authority #13 yet? That
        ought to get any Wildstorm Universe fan excited! Anyway, Disavowed and The
        Patriots are a little shaky with me right now...I like them well enough to
        keep reading for now, but to be honest it seems like Brandon Choi has a bit
        too much of a fascination with using I.O. as the bad guy all the time...he
        could really benefit from trying a different antagonist for a little while.
        I picked up GenActive #1 this week and I enjoyed it well enough, although I
        hope that the book doesn't always focus on the "kids" of the Wildstorm
        Universe. I also like Planetary, but I think it is developing way too
        slowly...Ellis needs to throw us a bone or two. Oh, and I also did not read
        the Mr. Majestic series which was recently cancelled--I bought the first
        issue but just couldn't get into all the pseudo-science and whatnot that was
        being thrown around. The Majestic in that book just didn't seem to be the
        same guy I remembered from the older days....

        Oh, I suppose that I should also say that I don't really consider Alan
        Moore's ABC line to be part of Wildstorm. I suppose technically it is, but
        it is totally disconnected from Wildstorm continuity. I'm not saying that
        ABC talk is forbidden, just that usually those books won't come to mind when
        I'm thinking about Wildstorm stuff.

        So let's hear about you guys...what Wildstorm books do you really like?
        Which ones do you wish had never been published?

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