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6613Summary of Wildstorm's history

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  • David Stallard
    Dec 4, 2010
      I came across the following site which is a VERY high-level overview of Wildstorm's history.  It doesn't go into the universe much, doesn't even mention Team 7 for instance...it's more about the various titles that were published over the years.
      Anyway, two things I noted from this site this are: 
      1) Wow, I've been away longer than I thought...based on this timeline, I think I stopped reading Wildstorm around 2004, maybe even 2003.
      2) After the first 4-5 years of Wildstorm's existence, it was basically in a perpetual loop of failed relaunch after failed relaunch.  One relaunch would barely be out the door before they'd announce another relaunch.