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6609Digital comics?

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  • David Stallard
    Oct 21, 2010
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      I just saw a couple articles that said comic book and graphic novel sales are in the toilet, even more than they were when I dropped out 5+ years ago.  Apparently in August, not a single title sold 100,000 issues.  That's pretty shocking for me, as the first sales figure I've seen in years (I am TOTALLY disconnected from the current comics scene).

      On the other hand, digital comic sales are apparently going through the roof, probably in part due to the release of the iPad, and both DC and Marvel are scrambling to build up their online stores.

      Are you reading digital comics? 

      I was thinking about getting an iPad so I could more easily read all of the Marvel DVD-ROMs that I bought a few years back (40 Years of Spider-Man and so forth).  When Marvel pulled the license on those DVDs so it could sell them individually in the online store, I rushed out and bought all the ones I didn't already have because, like with physical back issues, it would be prohibitively expensive to get all the same content via their online store.  Of course, the online store doesn't have nearly as complete a selection as those DVDs.

      Anyway, the cheap version of the iPad is $500, which seems a bit much for something to read my comic book PDFs on.  I don't think I would use the iPad for much else, so at the moment I don't see myself getting one.

      I would be interested if DC were to bundle up all of Wildsotrm's back issues for sale digitally, but I doubt that will ever happen.  The first 5 years or so of Wildstorm just isn't that highly regarded, unfortunately.
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