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6607Re: [wildstormfan] A trip down memory lane....

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  • John McMahon
    Sep 29, 2010
      As it's quiet in the office this morning, here're some highlights from my Wildstorm reading years :

      1) WildCATS #17 : James Robinson writes and Jim Lee draws one of the bloodiest comics I've ever read.  It's an issue long fight scene where the CATs take on a fuckload of Coda for reasons which have long since escaped me (looking for the shapeshifter Mister White, maybe ?)  though I do recall the issue ending with a big explosion and the start of the Wildstorm Rising crossover - the first 'event' I followed as it happened in US comics.

      2) Spartan takes command of Stormwatch against Despot.  Hell of a story this as a mind-controlled Maul appears to have killed Battalion, whose father Despot frees the Warguard and kicks seven shades out of the leaderless Stormwatch.  Cue a great last page where a newly repaired Spartan shows up to lead the disorganised remnants of Stormwatch (who still get their arse kicked if memory serves, but he helps them escape anyway). 

      3) Team 7.  I grew up reading war comics so discovering that the bedrock of the WSU was a group of special-ops soldiers really endeared the setting to me.  I still pull the original Team 7 mini out for a read every now and then.  Whilst the related titles eventually fell apart, for a while there Deathblow (a name which conforms to the worst of the 90s excess comic's wise but worn by a genuinely interesting character) Wetworks and Backlash were my favourite 'monthly' reads.  Grifter's stand-alone stuff never really clicked for me, he was better suited in the 'Wolverine' role with the WildCATs. 

      4) Cliffhanger!  JSC called me a 'cocksucker' on his message board for suggesting that he might have difficulty getting the series out on time.  A glance at the wiki shows he managed seven issues between 1998 and 2001, but that doesn't excuse the fact that I was an obnoxious cunt back then anyway.  Stablemate Crimson ran for 25 issues over the same period and was actually quite enjoyable but ultimately the line was a total farce.  Anyone remember Wildsiderz ?

      5) Alan Moore's WildCATs.  Warren Ellis' Stormwatch.  Two great superhero runs, Ellis' Stormwatch in particular ranks amongst my favourite ever comic reads - the whole Change Or Die story was kicking my arse every month back then.  The Authority was twelve issues of manic fun but the closing 13 issues of Stormwatch still stand as one of the best superhero runs ever.   

      Hopefully they'll just be giving the line a few years off and will give it a proper relaunch with creatives teams who have decent stories to tell with some genuinely interesting characters.


      On 29/09/2010 00:10, David Stallard wrote:  
      In light of Wildstorm dying as an imprint, I browsed through some of the archives for this list.  Below is the first message ever posted to this list, back when I created it in March 2000.  Wow, I can't believe it's been over 10 years!  That's crazy...it seems like not long ago that I was reading through Wildstorm's back catalog at a lightning pace, but now I realize it has been an entire decade since I've read the majority of the pre-Authority books (my favorite Wildstorm years are the ones before Warren Ellis arrived on the scene). 
      Anyway, this is a fun message for me to read again, and it makes me think that maybe it's time to make a second round through those longboxes and revisit my old friends in Stormwatch, WildCATs, Wetworks, and all the rest.

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