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6589Re: What's the word at Wildstorm these days?

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  • jnadiger
    Nov 12, 2009
      It's still puttering along, I guess.

      I would be remiss if I didn't take an opportunity to plug my Wiki, the WildStorm Resource at this juncture.

      I've had people summarizing pretty much every WildStorm comic since the latest relaunch, so you can get briefly caught up on everything in the WSU from Armageddon to the present day.


      Would love it if some of you old school fans came through to help summarize some the older stuff, like StormWatch Vol 1, Wetworks Vol 1, etc., etc.

      There have been a lot of good things from WildStorm. The Abnett/Lanning run on Majestic was phenomenal, I think, great for any fans of classic Wildcats, complete with a duel to the death with Helspont.

      I mean, the thing of it is, you can't please everyone. Right now, the WildStorm Universe is as interactive as it's ever been, you know? Everyone's stuck on the same ruined Earth, and so while each team is kind of in their own cut-off corner of the world, a few characters nip back and forth, and they've pulled old storylines from Divine Right and Cybernary and hell, even Argos showed up for a few pages...

      ...but who, besides us, remember Argos? You know? The Ellis-verse fans are getting a bit annoyed because what THEY LOVED about the WSU isn't there anymore.

      The first year of Wildcats with Gage & Googe was pretty decent. The Abnett/Lanning Authority was quite good. Edginton's StormWatch was a nice nod to the old Ellis stuff. Gen 13's still kind of the odd book out, but it had great artwork by Mike Huddleston, which gave it an indie vibe I wasn't sure I would enjoy, but wound up working quite well.

      It's much more superhero-ish than it's been in awhile.

      It's never, EVER, going to be the way it was, in Image terms, in Eye of the Storm terms, they'll never go back to something that didn't work. Still, the quality is always at least DECENT, I find, and they're still willing to take chances that other companies aren't. And I still have a fondness for the characters.

      Pick up a trade if you've got some spare cash, find some issues if you can get them for cheap. It might surprise you.

      Good to "see" you all again. Ever the fanboy,


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