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Re: 2001--A Spaced-out Oddity

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  • mungo23
    The whole world is all white and be-youteful this mornin . I done been out & got me a good runnin start on buildin a snowman. It s real light & puffy snow &
    Message 1 of 3501 , Jan 1 9:25 AM
      The whole world is all white and be-youteful this
      mornin'. I done been out & got me a good runnin' start on
      buildin' a snowman. It's real light & puffy snow & it
      won't roll up, so I'm usin' a yard broom to lift it off
      my '72 Skylark, "Blythe Spirit," and pilin' it up.
      <br><br>"Hail to thee, Blythe Spirit, bird thou never
      wert"<br>--Keats, "To a Skylark"<br><br>I feel pretty good this
      mornin'--but I got pretty wasted last nite. I threw up and
      lost my false teeth. If they don't turn up, I'll have
      to have a new set made. I gotta start goin' to sleep
      & wakin' up insted of passin' out & comin'
      to.<br><br>Y'all should have seen my tomcat, Scipio,
      a-pussyfootin' through the snow this mornin'! He wuz bein' real
      careful not to step where it was white. He's off under
      the house takin' care of his family right now. He's
      got him a wife & a couple of kittens, and he takes
      his parental rsponsibilites reel good. I've started
      givin' him body massages, and he loves it. <br><br>You
      know, there's a lot of folks who don't like cats. I
      figger that's 'cause they realize that cats is smarter
      than them & they resent it.<br><br>I'll see Alyce
      Thursday, and I'm a-gonna come right out and tell her that
      my intentions is honorable--that I ain't lookin' fer
      a quick piece--I'm a-looking for a life partner.
      She's the most beautiful & cultured woman I've ever
      met--right up there with Grape & Fredball!<br><br>I decided
      on my campaign statement for '02--"Elect
      McElroy--End the War on Drugs." Did y'all ever hear the motto
      of the Texas Rangers? "It's impossible to stop a man
      who knows he's right and keeps a-comin'."<br><br>Love
      y'all and ketch ye later.<br><br>CongressmanMungo
    • deadeye_dolly
      Oh Miz Opal, brought back some fond memories tonight, took a look see that that new movie Ghost Rider with Nick Cage, Sam Elliott and Peter Fonda!!!
      Message 3501 of 3501 , Jun 16, 2007
        Oh Miz Opal, brought back some fond memories tonight,
        took a look see that that new movie "Ghost Rider" with
        Nick Cage, Sam Elliott and Peter Fonda!!!


        Don't think I got enough of this song yet <LOL>

        The composer, Christopher Young, has some interesting
        movie scores to his name


        ~ Dolly

        --- In wildbillhickok@yahoogroups.com, deadwood_opal wrote:
        > Ye seen it, ye lived it, yer here ta tell about
        > it, CactusJuiceMungo:<br><br>An old cowpoke went
        > riding out<br>One dark and windy day,<br>Upon a ridge he
        > rested as<br>He went along his way,<br>When all at once
        > a mighty herd<br>Of red eyed cows he
        > saw,<br>A-plowin' through the ragged skies<br>And up a cloudy
        > draw.<br><br>Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,<br>Ghost herd in the
        > sky.<br><br>Their brands were still on fire and<br>Their hooves
        > were made of steel,<br>Their horns were black and
        > shiny and<br>Their hot breath he could feel,<br>A bolt
        > of fear shot through him as<br>He looked up in the
        > sky,<br>For he saw the riders comin' hard<br>And he heard
        > their mournful cry:<br><br>Yippee-yi-ya,
        > yippee-yi-yo,<br>Ghost riders in the sky.<br><br>Their faces gaunt,
        > their eyes were blurred,<br>Their shirts all soaked
        > with sweat,<br>They're riding hard to catch that
        > herd,<br>But they ain't caught 'em yet,<br>'cause they've got
        > to ride forever on<br>That range up in the
        > sky,<br>On horses snortin' fire, as<br>They ride on hear
        > their cry:<br><br>Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,<br>Ghost
        > riders in the sky.<br><br>The cowpokes loped on past him
        > and<br>He heard one call his name,<br>If you want to save
        > your soul from hell<br>A-riding on our range,<br>Then,
        > cowboy, change your ways today,<br>Or with us you will
        > ride,<br>A-trying to catch the devil's herd<br>Across these endless
        > skies.<br><br>Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,<br>Ghost riders in the
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