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3772Re: Cactus Juice/Ghost Riders!!!!!!

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  • deadeye_dolly
    Jun 16, 2007
      Oh Miz Opal, brought back some fond memories tonight,
      took a look see that that new movie "Ghost Rider" with
      Nick Cage, Sam Elliott and Peter Fonda!!!


      Don't think I got enough of this song yet <LOL>

      The composer, Christopher Young, has some interesting
      movie scores to his name


      ~ Dolly

      --- In wildbillhickok@yahoogroups.com, deadwood_opal wrote:
      > Ye seen it, ye lived it, yer here ta tell about
      > it, CactusJuiceMungo:<br><br>An old cowpoke went
      > riding out<br>One dark and windy day,<br>Upon a ridge he
      > rested as<br>He went along his way,<br>When all at once
      > a mighty herd<br>Of red eyed cows he
      > saw,<br>A-plowin' through the ragged skies<br>And up a cloudy
      > draw.<br><br>Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,<br>Ghost herd in the
      > sky.<br><br>Their brands were still on fire and<br>Their hooves
      > were made of steel,<br>Their horns were black and
      > shiny and<br>Their hot breath he could feel,<br>A bolt
      > of fear shot through him as<br>He looked up in the
      > sky,<br>For he saw the riders comin' hard<br>And he heard
      > their mournful cry:<br><br>Yippee-yi-ya,
      > yippee-yi-yo,<br>Ghost riders in the sky.<br><br>Their faces gaunt,
      > their eyes were blurred,<br>Their shirts all soaked
      > with sweat,<br>They're riding hard to catch that
      > herd,<br>But they ain't caught 'em yet,<br>'cause they've got
      > to ride forever on<br>That range up in the
      > sky,<br>On horses snortin' fire, as<br>They ride on hear
      > their cry:<br><br>Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,<br>Ghost
      > riders in the sky.<br><br>The cowpokes loped on past him
      > and<br>He heard one call his name,<br>If you want to save
      > your soul from hell<br>A-riding on our range,<br>Then,
      > cowboy, change your ways today,<br>Or with us you will
      > ride,<br>A-trying to catch the devil's herd<br>Across these endless
      > skies.<br><br>Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,<br>Ghost riders in the
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