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Re: ok! Way off Topic! But had too!

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  • rockin12uk
    Hi all Now that the world cup has finished, I ll get back to talking fish:-) ... He He, that s right, I m beating them off with a stick:-))) ... not ... In
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 1, 2002
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      Hi all

      Now that the world cup has finished, I'll get back to talking fish:-)

      --- In wildbettas@y..., "mcmama96" <wandanewby@e...> wrote:
      > We got involved with wilds through our friend Yohan! (THANKS) But
      > while he got us interested in them he also suckered me into Channa
      > Orientalis. These are dwarf snakeheads. They are so cute and very
      > interesting! Anyway, we had so many questions asked us, that we
      > wrote a small article on them and IT GOT PUBLISHED!!! I guess I am
      > getting close to being as popular as Andrew.!!!!!

      He He, that's right, I'm beating them off with a stick:-)))

      > well, our snakeheads are thriving and we have TONS! of little
      > babies! I will post pics in a folder called off topic pics in here
      > for all to see! Here is the link for the article. I know it is
      > as good as our famous Andrew could write

      In 1996, my friend Ray Torres asked me about writing articles, and I
      said that all I do is 'say what you see'. He wrote a piece on B.
      persephone and beat my overview of Bettas article for best-of-the-
      year at IBC Convention that year (don't know the emoticon for pursed
      lips). Honestly though, all I do is write about what I have
      experience of, and co-incidentally enough (crowbar) I have a piece on
      the role of female anabantoids in spawning and breeding in the next
      issue of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine issue date July 17th in the
      UK. This was never a plug, honest.........

      > Here is the article link:
      > http://www.uniquaria.com/articles/snakeheads.html

      Most enjoyable, would you like to submit it to Dave Armitage for
      Labyrinth newsletter?? Also soon we (AAGB)hope to produce a
      snakehead book. We have the text and the photos so it is in the
      production phase.

      I'll talk Bettas again soon, promise:)))


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