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Warning about a seller (long)

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  • victoreae
    This is a warning about Bettawalk, Foo Chee Mun Name : Foo Chee Mun Street : 10 , JALAN SS21/7 , DAMANSARA UTAMA City : PETALING JAYA State : SELANGOR Country
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2005
      This is a warning about Bettawalk, Foo Chee Mun

      Name : Foo Chee Mun
      Street : 10 , JALAN SS21/7 , DAMANSARA UTAMA
      City : PETALING JAYA
      State : SELANGOR
      Country : MALAYSIA

      I first contacted Foo on March-1 from a auction he had on Aquabid. I
      had been looking for a wholsale supplier for wildtype bettas.

      I asked Foo if he did wholesale orders and he sent a price list on
      March-2 quoting a 2-4 week collection time. I have a string of
      emails back and forth, he seemed to know what he was talking about
      and his Aquabid feedback was OK so I decided to give him a chance.

      He confirmed my order on March-20 and I paid him via western union
      that day

      I had a little trouble contacting the transhipper in Thailand, but
      finally on April 29 I got an email from the transhipper that he had
      permission to ship the fish. .

      I did not hear again from Foo until May-5. I had tried several times
      to contact him both via email and SMS and was starting to get nervous
      that I had made a mistake in trusting him. On May-5 Foo told me that
      he was going to ship the fish to the transhipper the following
      Monday. I contacted the transhipper, who said that Foo had not
      contacted him about it. The transhipper sent Foo an email asking for
      details. Neither of us heard from him- no fish where shipped.

      Until that point I just thought that things were just taking more
      time than planned, I was a little unhappy that Foo did not update me
      when dates slipped though. When he did not ship when he said he would
      I was very angry. On May-12 I sent Foo an email copying the
      transhipper that said that I was losing trust in him and that I
      wanted him to either ship some fish within the next two weeks or
      refund my money.

      The transhipper sent him an angry email about how his behavior made
      all Asian sellers look bad and how could he do that?

      On May 24 Foo contacted me and said that he would ship the fish to
      the transhipper the next day. He said he was not on speaking terms
      with the transhipper and asked me to get his address for him. I

      On May 25 Foo sent me a tracking number. I forwarded that to the

      On May 30 Foo sent me an email telling me that there had been a delay
      and the package he sent was returned. He said that he would go to
      the post office and get them the next day. I have asked him several
      times about the condition of the fish but again he is not responding.

      The transhipper and I do not believe that there was a package sent at

      So, at this point I believe that Foo Chee Mun had no intention of
      ever sending fish to me.

      I want people to know this and beware of him. However, just because
      he has done this does not mean that all of the SE Asian sellers are
      dishonest, only Bettawalk. He is the only one in three years who has
      cheated me.
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