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Re: the weather seasons question in Wif

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  • ungrim2@yahoo.com
    Remember that your fleet isn t there to destroy the enemy s fleet. It s there to protect your own invasions and provide shore bombardment and ground support.
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      Remember that your fleet isn't there to destroy the enemy's fleet.
      It's there to protect your own invasions and provide shore
      bombardment and ground support. You don't need to destroy his fleet
      as long as you can protect your units. This was also said in an
      earler annual b.t.w. I think maybe the 1998 one or the one before.
      Keep your carriers heavy with your best fighters. You only need a few
      good bombers really. If you can shoot down his carrier planes, then
      you'll have free reign anyway, and you'll be much better prepared for
      a LBA only attack. Remember that CvP's take four turns to build, so
      they're not easily replacable either. Of course, if you're not
      playing with carrier planes in flames, then I strongly suggest you
      start doing so.

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      > I think due to the larger areas that are covered on the Asian maps,
      that this is what part of the issue is. If you look at a map of some
      of these sea areas, I would find it hard to believe that LBA could
      cover the entire sea zone.
      > It is a pain in the ass though when you cant find the other fleet
      in your impulses. It also forces the Allies and Axis into jumping up
      their aggression if they want to accomplish anything, as you cant
      wait until 1943 to attack, and miss everything in the good weather,
      if you want to be in Tokyo in 1945.(learned from personal experience)
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      > Subject: [wifdiscussion] the weather seasons question in Wif
      > This part of Wif is frustrating..EX: The weather is good in the
      > Pacific and Japan and the USA are ready to slug it out, then you
      > just find yourself in the short turns of the game (due to the
      > that it's winter in the European theater)! So you get turns where
      > can play only three phases right in the middle of the carrier-
      > season. Any ideas how to fix this or is this the "realistic" way
      > supposed to be?
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